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Friday, March 6th, 2020

Over 20 Countries Including Austrilia,United State, U.K  Will forever patronise your product...

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If you arrived this page by whatever means ...count yourselves the luckiest person in the whole wide world.


That you are on this page I will guarantee you that your life will never remain the same. Positively you are going to start noticing a financial change. Of cuz, that`s the major reason why you here. I know you are seeking change in some area of your life.


I salute your courage to seek financial change, and not everyone has the privileges you are getting at the moment.


      The Situation Is Far Worst Now                                                               

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... what I'm about show you will be an income changing experience for you this 2020 and beyond.


You will also be part of the few smart Nigerians taking advantage of the increase in dollars against Naira. Instead of complaining about the increase in dollar


People complain a lot these days ... as if your complaint will change a thing, not even the increasing price of commodities in the market; 

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  The situation is so worse that many states are owning their workers for months without remorse, even threatening workers who dare to go on strikes like the case in Ekiti State and Delta  State.


And that is not all, Even "multinational" companies are laying off workers like tomorrow to no dey...


Chevron and Shell recently said they are laying off 18,500 workers if they haven't already...Can it be any worse?


"One of Our Recent Student Testimony"


Van-Dyke Jordan
Sir, the information you sent to me days ago .I have started getting buyers request oo. My Oga its like magic, i got 5 people since yesterday that i checked my box. I have written them and they promised to get back to me today. Haa! God will forever bless you. 


  • James Ibru, Lagos, Nig - 081XXXXX456


Now, if you're frustrated that nothing you've tried before has worked, I completely understand. So was I. But once you know what I'll show you, making money becomes as easy as walking!

I'm not kidding...


So What Is The Way Out For YOU?

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That’s why I like what I’m about to talk to you about. It’s super simple and works for anyone, regardless of experience.

I’m getting results, the super easy way...and want to show YOU how easy you can as well start cocoa powder export from Nigeria.

Let go there...

Cocoa seed exportation has been one of the major means of Revenue to our Beloved Nation Nigeria before the oil boom. However, it was a very huge business.


Well, it depends on where you are looking at to achieve your financial goal of making Extra Income. You can just end your search for how to make extra income today!


But I can tell you BOLDLY that selling Cocoa Powder on International Food Market and on ECA is a great business opportunity you need to consider.


Did you ask what is ECA? Well, I will give you a tip. ECA is an E-Commerce Associate Platform, where you can find over 200,000 People Seeking To buy Cocoa Powder from Africa.


A top International market where pure cocoa powder is highly needed


See below:



Take a look at that kind of result above again, its super massive....

I will show you how to source contacts or buyers and start this Business With LESS THAN  #100k. Yes! One Hundred Thousand Naira. I have done all the field work for you, just like i have been doing to every serous minded student that comes my way.


I will beat my chese... That money will never scares from you when you starts.

Let me educate you a bit about cocoa powder...


Appreciating Cocoa Powder & Its Health Benefits

Cocoa powder comes from cocoa beans that grow in pods on the cacao tree. The beans are fermented, dried, roasted and cracked; the nibs are ground to extract about 75% of the cocoa butter, leaving a dark brown paste called chocolate liquor.


After drying again, the mass is ground into powder (unsweetened cocoa).


Pure Cocoa Powder is different from Dutch cocoa. Dutch cocoa is treated with an alkali to neutralize the cocoa's natural acidity. This makes it impure!


What we are talking about here is Pure Cocoa Powder, natural which comes with lots of Health Benefits and God has hidden the treatment of the disease.


Major Health Benefits of Pure Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder comes from cocoa beans that grow in pods on the cacao tree.


 The beans are fermented, dried, roasted and cracked; the nibs are ground to extract about 75% of the cocoa butter, leaving a dark brown paste called chocolate liquor. After drying again, the mass is ground into powder (unsweetened cocoa).  



       Prevents & Treat Diabetes - Cocoa Powder Contains Flavanol which are powerful antioxidants that can help improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control!

  •  Prevents & Treat Hypertension - Cocoa Powder contains a rich source of Antioxidants which promotes vasodilatation which lowers blood pressure!
  •    Improves Brain Power - Cocoa Powder Concentrate Contains "minus epicatechin” a compound that supports increased circulation and the growth of blood vessels,which improves cognition and enhance brain memory!  
  •  Prevents & Treats Cancer - Cocoa Powder Is Highly Concentrated with Catechins and Procyanidins which has beneficial health effects against oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, risk factors for cancer!
  •  Improves Low Sexual Performance - Cocoa Powder increases Nitric Oxide and Artery Friendly, Increases Blood flow that enables Erection Boosting In Men. Thereby, boosting sexual performance is men.
  •  Reduces Menstrual Pains & Cramps During Monthly Period- Cocoa Powder Concentrate Contains Natural Theobromine and Alkaloid That Helps Women reduce pain during monthly Period!


More details on ECA and how to join the associate and get Individuals & Companies in Need of Cocoa Powder on over 190 countries across the world will be found in my short report…

please read on…


For example, in the West African country of Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) which is the world’s biggest cocoa producer, many of the farmers who produce the cocoa beans have never tasted chocolate before.


  Nigeria is the second largest after Ivory Coast


 There no reason you should not make constant profit from this business... I have students who are currently making between 200k to whatever amount they which to make.


 l also, have a young graduate make constant 200k and above.


You can suppose yourself, be financially free.


Like I already mentioned, Africa dominates the world’s cocoa supply with over 70 percent of the market. This makes Africa very invaluable to the cocoa business and its related products, especially chocolate.



Why Is Cocoa Powder In High Demand ?

Dear reader, if you carefully read the health benefits, you will find out that Pure Cocoa Powder is a must have for every Home! Apart from the health benefits, it’s a great source of income. Look around, you will see, even all over the world.


There is this great madness for Chocolate! I am sure, if you are given a piece of chocolate now, you will love to eat it. Chocolate is usually irresistible. Hence, a local and international producer of Chocolate contributes about 70% of users of Cocoa Powder – Making it a product in High demand.


Facial care professionals too, contributes about 12% of users of Cocoa powder – Making it a consumable.



 Where can you get Pure Cocoa Powder in Bulk at an affordable rate?

Of course, there are many places where you can get Pure Cocoa powder. I have also tried about 6 companies,

However, eventually got stocked to one source.


The major reason is that, it is truly pure, not like all these fake we have around, claiming they are pure cocoa concentrate.


below this webpage you get the full details




The global madness for chocolate has given the reason for the High Demand of cocoa powder…

You might think that sounds too good to be true, but I'm telling you, it's real.


  John Paul did justice to that in one of his article, follow the link below to read details…

Chocolate Brownie, Cake, Food, Sweet, Dessert

So be rest assured that the money is there... I am talking from Personal Experience.


Secondly, if you can do a little research, you will find out that, Pure cocoa powder has a lot of health benefits.. which is making alot of people across the world to demand for Cocoa Powder.




All you need is a set of simple methods that can do it for you. That's why I'm going to hand them to you, so you can put them to work in literally 2days.


It doesn't matter what your skill level is.

Anyone including; workers, students, lecturers, bankers, housewives, corpers, teachers, civil servants, illiterates and so on can do it. It doesn’t matter whether you are employed or unemployed. What you have here is an opportunity to make use of change.


It doesn't matter if you've tried and failed before. It doesn't matter if you think "nothing works".

I'm here to tell you that this works, and you can start seeing serious cash MUCH sooner than you can imagine right now (you won't be rich, but the cash is real).

With that been said ,nowwwwwwwwwwwww...




 Some people learn better by watching... than by reading and I had made it easy for you.

I created some killer how-to videos that walk you through    every single method step-by-step. I mean, these videos are top-notch.

You're going to see everything you need to do to implement Cocoa Powder Export TODAY.

  They're all remarkably easy, but these videos guarantee that    you'll "get it" quickly.




Below is what you going to get inside the starter kits.

    Appreciating Cocoa Powder & Its Health Benefits

   Why is Pure Cocoa Powder in High demand?

    Where can you get Pure Cocoa Powder in Bulk at an affordable rate?

    10 Top international market where Pure Cocoa Powder is Needed

     Other Top international market where  Pure Cocoa Powder is Needed

     How to ship your pure cocoa powder to your buyers.

     How to Receive Your Payment into Your Local Bank Account in Nigeria.

     How To Also Make Extra Income Selling Cocoa Powder Locally

     How to Make Money from Home, Making Chocolate Using Cocoa Powder from Home!

     How To Make Money Creating Facial Mask For Beauty Experts from Home.                         

And many more...  


Trust Me, they love Nigeria Cocoa powder... 

I have decided to REVEAL this information to 50 More Nigerians.

Yes, the next 50 Nigerians.
 That is undisputable amount... But, I will stop at this number, so as to focus on you and take my time to tutor you well. In this business you need a Mentor who will be there for you anytime.

40 people have notified me about this offer. People who know me, knew i dont give out JUNKS

I will like to give these number my time and enengy by vertual of support to all 50persons 



How Much Does It Cost To Grab A Copy Of Cocoa Export Goldmine?


I could easily sell this for N20,000, after all, If I do, I will still get enough people who will appreciate that I am even sharing this and they will quickly jump at the offer. And with the numbers of emails I have been receiving since I talked about Cocoa Powder Export Goldmine,

Here is what I am going to do. 

The first 20 people who get Cocoa Powder Export Goldmine will pay


  The price is Just N5,000  for the ebook only.

While Ebook + Videos is N7,500 including list of buyers


"Another Student Testimonial"


masefMy Oga Albert, na you be my Baba after God in heaven... what an unselfish been you are. I can`t believe a fellow Nigerian can release this kind of information. Am blessed. Since i bought you starter kits my life as changed from grass to grace. Thank you again sir.


  • Ikenna 
  • Portharcourt,Nig - 070XXXXX422


         But where can you get Cocoa Powder for Exportation –

  • You will find more details in my E-book and videos.




You may be wondering how would get Paid in Nigeria? Well, the details is in the Ebook and video. Meanwhile, I will give you a hint – You will get Paid into your Payoneer Account, and pick the cash at any ATM powered by MasterCard in Nigeria. Guarantee and with no stress.


In my report, I have included all the details on how to get your Payoneer Card here in Nigeria 100% FREE. The detail on how you can get the Card shipped to you in Nigeria 100% FREE is in the e-book.


WAIT !  These Bonuses Will Blow Your Mind ...


You will get when you order before courtdown below ends

 You get loan Guide

 Secret of Importation from china 

 Guide To Importation from Europe

 10 buyers for you Cocoa powder (ready to buy)


It is all packed in the E-book And Videos


I will not justify the reason  for a token to get the ebook, because I know the Value,

Yes, I know the Measurable  Value (Potential Income) and the Immeasurable Value (How It can improve your standard  of living) and any smart Nigerian will also know the value of such information.

No knowledge is wasted.



For any reason I dont want you to Shun this great information

If you dont act fast by the time you come back here this offer must have been close

...and the market would have become flooded.

The competition will be high and stiff for you.

You will even be buying this short report at a Higher Rate! Bet It! (The first 10 People bought it for N5000. Now it's N5,000 and N5,500. By then, you will buy it for N20,000.

Did I here you say its a lie?


Okey wait there and you will another action taker move up in no time while you  watch !

Place your order within 20-30 mins the whole secret will be handed over to you. 

You can either upload it Online (Ready To Download) For Fast Action Takers Who May Want Pay Online And Download Instantly.


Pay With Your Card For Instant Download


Option #1 - Bank Deposit/Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc

STEP 1 - Make a bank deposit/online or mobile money transfer of "N6,000 for either the ebook or N7,500 for both the ebook and digital videos +buyersand other bonuses  (for first 20 people) into any branch of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc or Firstbank in Nigeria.

The account details are:

Bank - Guaranty Trust Bank PLC

Account Name :-      Albert Henry Opute     (Saving account)
Account Number-    0005840534



Account Name :   Opute Henry Albert   (Saving account)
Account Number :   3069014908


STEP 2 - After payments, send an EMAIL payment notice with the SUBJECT of your email as: Paid for 'Cocoa Powder Export Goldmine'

The BODY of the email should contain the following:

Amount paid, Depositor's Name, Date paid, Your Full Names, Email, GSM 
number,  Teller number to: info@importandexportbiz.com , moneycov2@gmail.com

(Don't worry, once you send this notification and it has been confirmed you will receive your download link)

Get Daily Tips And Links 

Instead of complaining about the increase in dollar, Take advantage of the increase in dollars and start exporting Mini Scale Cocoa Powder Export Business...Get daily tips, secrets and constant links.

Your information will never be shared

* We will not spam, rent, or sell your information *

Quick, Offer Expires In:

This offer as being extended up till tommorow night 9pm. So,act fast before it finally pull down.

Take The Right Decision Today !

Now, You Have a Decision to Make  To get your access now and join me and few others taking advantage of the Export of cocoa powder to the world. 

  Note : We Also have tutorials for small scale bitter kola export see details here www.importandexportbiz.com and for foodstuff to over 10 Europe countries see deatils here www.greenfarmproduct.com 


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